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Past Events


AIS Subcommittee Recruitment 2022

Alternative Investments. It may sound like a weird name but let it slip and you’ll be missing the leading society in Venture Capital, Crypto, Real Estate and more! 
Join the AIS subcommittee to enrich both your professional and social uni experience!


AIS Director Recruitment 2022

We are now recruiting the next generation of individuals to educate and empower others as a 2022 Director, with opportunities to network and gain industry experience.


AIS x RealSoc x EG: Build a Career in Real Estate

Join us in this invaluable opportunity to expand on your investing skills and to learn more about the Real Estate market. You will hear invaluable tips relevant to the growing skills required to secure one of the few highly competitive spots in the Real Estate Industry.


Dig Into Hedge Funds

In this panel event, two industry insiders will give an overview of the hedge fund industry and talk about their day-to-day work activities. The panel will conclude with an open Q&A.


AIS x Pinnacle Investment Management Case Competition

Have you ever considered how you could allocate capital and conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis of securities? Sign up to Pinnacle Investment Management’s Case Competition and gain valuable experience in this highly regarded business case competition. Learn more at our Facebook event:


AIS x Pinnacle Investment Management Case Competition Workshop

If you are thinking about participating in the Pinnacle Investment Management Case Competition, then make sure to tune in to the Pinnacle Investment Management Case Competition Workshop on 14th May.  Register here:


AIS x AIMA: Alternative Investments 101 with Michael Gallagher

If you've always wondered what alternative investments are, it is now your chance to find out! Come to learn more about potential careers in the alternative investment industry as well as other finance-related jobs  beyond the Big 4 and Investment banking.

ais subcom recruitment 2021.jpg

AIS Subcommittee Recruitment 2021

AIS is your leading society in all things Alternative Investments, whether it be Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Crypto, or Real Estate, we would love for you to join our team!

Even if you aren’t studying a degree related to business, we encourage you to apply as there are a multitude of different roles to apply for.

AISOC X CAIA Private Markets

AISOC x CAIA: Private Markets Workshop

Joined by CAIA’s APAC Director of Content Jack Wu, this webinar workshop will cover private market case studies. Attendees will learn about developments in Private Markets and the trade-off between diversification and performance and the various sources of value creation in private equity.

AISOC X AIMA Introduction to Hedge Funds

AISOC X AIMA: Introduction to Hedge Funds

Attendees of this exclusive event will learn about the skills required of working in the hedge fund industry, the future of the industry amongst other general insights. This will be joined by AIMA’s Head of Australia, Michael Gallagher who has a wealth of expertise and knowledge after working in the finance sector for over 20 years, including more than 10 years in the alternative management industry.

The next decade of investments.jpg

AISOC X CAIA: The Next Decade of Investments

Attendees of this event will learn about the future of Alternative Investments and will be joined by CAIA Association’s Managing Director Joanne Murphy, who has a wealth of expertise and knowledge about the Alternative Investments trajectory in the coming years. Attendees in this event are able to learn about the uncertainty and growth drivers in the industry and ask questions in a Q&A Segment.

Allegro Private Equity Virtual Case Comp

Allegro Private Equity Virtual Case Competition

This is an exclusive virtual AISOC event with Allegro, one of Australia’s largest Private Equity firms and the most awarded team in the turnaround investing space. Attendees will gain insights and first-hand experience into how private equity firms drive real organisational change and turn a company from bust to boom.


UNSW AIS Presents: O-Week 2022

Come visit our AIS stall from Tuesday to Thursday to meet our fun team members, join our society and sign up to our mailing subscription to stay posted on the latest news in Alternative Investments.


Indigenous Mentoring Program Information Night

The UNSW Alternative Investment Society Indigenous Mentoring Program offers a great chance to connect with industry mentors who can help you navigate your professional journey as well as other Indigenous students interested in business.

Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 11.21.43

AIMA: Alternative Investments Fireside Chat

This event aims to give interested students a deeper insight into the world of alternative investments, potential career paths and an invaluable opportunity to network with industry professionals. 

Register here:


All Things Venture Capital

Get ready for 'All Things Venture Capital', because this event will be guided by the experts from Squarepeg, Airtree Ventures and Our Innovation Fund.

AIS Director Mix And Mingle.jpg

UNSW AIS: Director Mix and Mingle

Whether you want to learn more about AIS, join our subcommittee, make friends, or just chat, feel free to come along to talk to our friendly team as we are SUPER KEEN to meet all types of people.

AIS OWEEK 2021.jpg

UNSW AIS Presents: AIS at O-Week

Come visit our AIS stall from Tuesday to Thursday to meet our fun team members, join our society and sign up to our mailing subscription to stay posted on the latest news in Alternative Investments

AISOC X EG Funds Management Case Study.j

AISOC x EG Funds Management Case Study

Perfect for those with interest in the real estate investment industry, this event with EG will cover the future of the Real Estate Investment Industry and the skills required to enter the industry, followed by a Q&A segment. EG has invested $3.2 billion in real estate on behalf of super funds and their Investments Manager Linh Pham will speak about EG’s vision and provide invaluable tips.

AISOC X Macquarie Asset Management Case

AISOC x Macquarie: Asset Management Case Competition

This exciting, inaugural Asset Management Case competition is held in collaboration with the world’s largest infrastructure asset manager; Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Asset. Attendees will learn to invest in infrastructure and real assets, engage in a diverse range of skills and knowledge and winners of the competition will be rewarded with prizes.

AISOC X Artesian Venture Capital Case Co

AISOC X Artesian: Venture Capital Case Competition

This is an exclusive virtual AISOC event with Artesian, one of the most active early-stage Venture Capitalists in the Asia Pacific. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain exposure to this exciting industry, learn how to assess an early stage start-up company for investment and build up their analytical, presentation and problem-solving skills. Additionally, finalists will have the opportunity to present their analysis to Artesian.

Introduction to Alternatives 2020.png

Introduction to Alternative Investments

In this virtual event featuring a panelist of AISOC Alumni, students have the opportunity to gain insights into the Alternative Investment industry, potential career paths and general tips for students interested in the field. After the panel and Q&A session, attendees also have the opportunity to win prizes through a fun Kahoot quiz session.


UNSW AIS Presents: Female Mentoring Program

Do you want to be connected with a mentor from Goldman Sachs, Pinnacle Funds Management, Perpetual Limited, EY and many more amazing partner firms? Mentors will be offering personalised guidance and give you advice for potential career paths! Learn more at our Facebook event:

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