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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of skills do I need to join the team?/Do I need any prior experience?

Having a strong interest in Alternative Investments is the best start. Having prior background knowledge or experience may help you get started but definitely is not necessary. We love having passion and drive within our teams and would gladly welcoming individuals with a keen desire to learn.

What is the weekly time commitment?

Our expected weekly commitment is 1 -2 hours per week however, may differ between portfolios based on number of events being held or upcoming sponsorship deals. This may require up to 3-4 hours for those particular weeks.

How do I join and when does recruitment start?

Recruitment for subcommittee is opened during Term 1 O-week and closes around week 3. We post all recruitment details on our fakebook page or for more information, contact us via email, Facebook or come see us at our O-week stall.

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